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Hey you, bemore teacher! It's been a while.

We know some of you signed up quite some time ago. And so far you haven't heard very much from us. The truth is our platform just hasn't quite been ready to support you in the way that we wanted it to.

Well the good news is that bemore is now (finally!) live and fully functioning. Behind the scenes we've been working very hard to empower you to be more successful. We want to help you teach more lessons, earn more money, and do so while minimising your input, and removing as many of your hassles as possible.

What you need to do

If you're excited to use bemore for finding new students, taking payments, managing your availability and your schedule, then we need you to check that you're fully ready to go. We've got a couple of (t)asks for you.

Re-add your address

bemore now connects with Google Maps to make our geo-location data meaningful for all our users. In order to connect you with the new system fully, we would like to ask you to add or re-add your home address. You can find this in the Account tab of your Teacher Dashboard.

Check your images

Some time ago, the storage we were using for our images got deleted. No data was compromised, it's just the server got completely wiped, taking many images with it. We've moved our image storage to the main server, so we can confidently say this won't happen again.

Therefore, we'd like to ask you to check your images on both your teacher profile and lesson pages. If your images are missing, you might want to add some replacement ones. We do apologise if you've been affected.  

The profile image should be square and at least 120x120 pixels. This works well as a head shot.

We currently don't offer image editing tools, so if you do need to edit an image, we recommend using Pixl/X. It's a great tool and completely free.

The cover photo should be 1400x900 pixels. You can find more information in this article about changing your cover photo on bemore.

Check your private lesson(s)

If you have already added one or more private lessons added, please take a couple of minutes to make sure the details are up to date. You can see this information in the lessons tab on your teacher dashboard.

With increasing numbers of visitors to bemore, it is highly likely that you will naturally start to receive more bookings. To ensure that you receive only bookings that work for you and that you are happy to honour, please check all the details are current, in particular:

  • Your location
  • Your pricing
  • Your weekly availability
  • How far you are willing to travel, if appropriate

You can find full information on our Help Centre about adding a private lesson or adding a group class.

Understanding busy periods

Busy Periods allow you to quickly and easily mark yourself as unavailable when life gets in the way of that 'typical week'. It's also a great way of marking yourself as unavailable when you're away on holiday, for example. Read all about busy periods here.

Your teacher bio

The rather uninspiring 'Bio' box has now been split into a number of different sections, to be a little more helpful - the basics, background, teaching and Under 18s. All sections are optional. Feel free to save your profile and come back to it later. This section can now be found in the Profile tab on your Teacher Dashboard.

Check your DBS details if teaching Under 18s

If you want to teach anybody under the age of 18 on bemore, you need an Enhanced DBS Check. You can now enter this information directly on your Teacher Dashboard. More information here.

Adding new lessons

If you don't have any lessons or classes added on bemore, you will not be appearing in the searches. Therefore it's essential that you do this if you want to receive bookings. On bemore you can offer both private lessons and group class.

Bring your students - for free

If you have existing students and you'd like to use bemore as tool for managing their bookings, your calendar, and taking payments, get in touch and we can arrange a reduced commission rate. As usual, our address is:

Start promoting your bemore profile

We've written a comprehensive article about promoting your bemore profile, and how you can use us to your best advantage. You can find the article here: Promoting yourself on bemore.

Ready? Happy? Tell us!  

Once you've followed the instructions on this page, and you are satisfied that your teacher profile is looking good, along with your lesson and/or class pages, then please let us know! If you drop us an email, or call us, we will start promoting you fully on our established online and offline channels.

We're here to help!

Remember, if you get stuck on anything, or if you've got any questions, we're right here. Call us on 020 8050 1495 or email via