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If you’ve ever suffered the approaching misery of another work week by Sunday afternoon, you are not alone - according to research by the London School of Business and Finance, almost half of British workers, and more than half in London, want to change career. In years gone by, the idea of running away to join the circus was a common trope, but today’s bored careerist is a little more realistic. Most aspiring job-changers, according to the LSBF, are searching for more money, better job satisfaction, and an improved work-life balance. For most, these are fully achievable goals, with the right preparation.

bemOre’s professional skills trainers can coach you for a range of careers, from accountancy and digital marketing to bricklaying and blogging. They can also offer careers advice, and assistance in marketing yourself to new employers through polishing your presentation skills. The stakes are high, but research suggests that the effort is worthwhile. A study by the American Institute for Economic Research found in 2015 that four out of five respondents who switched careers after the age of 45 were successful. These respondents reported that they were happier and higher-earning than before – and nearly a third referenced the need for research, training, or further skills development in making that change.