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According to a recent study by the University of Otago, spending time on creative pursuits is a clear route to building “positive affect” - otherwise known as happiness. A person’s creativity can be expressed through anything from fine art photography to architecture to fashion design. In its simplest form the term can refer to any means of bringing an abstract idea from your imagination into the material world - this is where arts and crafts meet.

Creating art is not just about duplicating what is in front of you, but about showing the world your view of what everyone else sees. Producing a painting that shows not only a river, but its role as a highway to new worlds, or an apple that is not only a piece of fruit, but also a symbol of ripeness and fertility, takes skill. Practical crafts, like building a piece of furniture that fits flawlessly into your dream home, or producing the perfect shoulder bag, take no less. beM0re’s teachers can help you to hone those skills. Whether you seek expertise in the visual arts, or the ability to make a chair that won’t collapse under your weight, they can give you the guidance you need to bring your ideas out of your head and into reality.